Reykjavik City Tour

Reykjavik City Tour

Reykjavík is the natural starting point for any visit to Iceland, and not undeservedly so. The capital is world-renowned for its culture, history, and natural beauty on all fronts.

Highlights of Hop on Hop Off City Tour:

View the city from the heights of the Perlan 

  • Take a drive around the old town, hearing about the city's culture and history
  • Visit the beautiful Cathedral, and climb the stairs to view the city from above.

Reykjavik is the world’s most northerly capital, with more than one third of Iceland’s population.  Today Reykjavik is a modern City with a variety of restaurants, museums, galleries and Theatres. 

Reykjavík is a city of bold contrasts: it is both cosmopolitan and small-town; vibrant and sophisticated; young-at-heart and yet full of history. Many monuments, new and old, are also worth a peek, including the newly built oceanfront music and conference centre, Harpa.

On our tour we cover the city from one end to the other.  We will see the old town, the parliament, the Cathedral, the harbour, the National Museum, The Pearl and Hofdi House. 

Duration: 1 day ticket   

Prices from €45 per person


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