Icelandic Horse Riding Tour

The Friendly Icelandic Horse Riding Tour

The Icelandic Horse is unique to the country of Iceland, bred since the settlement in isolation from the outside world. Enjoy its smooth riding qualities, namely the tolt gait.

Ride through rough lava fields on Icelandic Horses and look at different rock formations, maybe you will be able to spot a troll or two. 

For 9 centuries, no other horses have been brought to Iceland, and now there is only one breed of horse in Iceland: Icelandic Horses, one of the purest in the world. Many diseases, from which horses on the European continent or in the United States suffer, are unknown in Iceland.

During the centuries, Icelandic Horses were the only means of transport in Iceland. It carried people, building materials, goods and mail over mountains, through powerful rivers, over rugged lava fields and even over glaciers.

Transfer to the riding centre, where the participants put on overalls, riding helmets, boots and gloves (all supplied). 

Our ride starts into beautiful Heidmork with its numerous caves and canyons.


Duration: 3 hours (1 hour riding)   

Prices from €89 per person



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